Digital Marketing for Channel Partners

Customers dwell in digital spaces — where messages compete to resonate. US advertisers are projected to spend more than $172 billion on digital marketing in 2021. To drive sales in local markets, brands need their partner networks to maintain a competitive online presence.

Transforming the digital marketing experience for your partners takes a comprehensive solution. SproutLoud delivers every tactic, start-to-finish execution, flexible funding solutions and robust analytics to determine ROI — all in one comprehensive platform that makes the digital marketing transition as simple and intuitive as online shopping.

How it Works

SproutLoud Digital Scorecard

Digital Scorecard

SproutLoud can give every partner in your network a digital scorecard that reveals how their online presence stacks up against top competitors in their local market and how to remain competitive

Eliminate Vendor Management

Eliminate Vendor Management

No more vetting, monitoring and evaluating local vendors. Your partners can quickly search, browse and select digital — and traditional — marketing tactics on SproutLoud’s platform, for automatic, brand-compliant execution by a world-class ecosystem of 100+ expert Marketing Service Integrations.

Expert Digital Marketing Support

Expert Digital Marketing Support

No time for a digital marketing transformation? No problem. SproutLoud’s “Do-It-For-Me” and “On-Behalf-Of” options give partners the support they need to manage all aspects of digital marketing. Our dedicated local marketing experts guide each partner every step of the way, including enrollment, execution, analytics and course corrections.

Flexible Funding Solutions

SproutLoud offers brands cost-saving options for Funds Management:
• A claims-and-reimbursement engine that cuts processing costs by up to 50%
SproutPay Instant Funding, which replaces the traditional claims process altogether by applying Co-Op Advertising funds instantly

Visibility on ROI

Visibility on ROI

SproutLoud’s easy-to-navigate analytics dashboards provide real-time performance metrics, so brands and their partners can invest in the campaigns and tactics that deliver results.

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